Starting a New NADFAS Society

We are always pleased to hear from enthusiastic individuals who are interested in starting a new Society, either in the UK or overseas.

Starting a NADFAS Society is a challenging but hugely rewarding project. It takes time and commitment, but New Societies Advisors are on hand to help you.

Getting started
First, you will need to form a steering committee including key roles such as Chairman, Treasurer, Secretary and Programme Secretary. You will also need to secure a suitable venue for meetings. Venues should seat 150-200 people and have good parking and facilities for making refreshments. Town and village halls, theatres, schools and universities can make ideal Society venues.

Support from NADFAS House
Our experienced New Societies Advisors are here to provide practical advice and support from your initial enquiry through to your inaugural lecture and beyond. We also offer some financial support to help you get your new Society started.

To find out more phone 020 7430 0730 ext 239 or email and request an information pack.


"The personal sense of achievement is important, but more satisfying is that you are bringing all the fun, interest and knowledge-sharing of NADFAS and the arts generally to a wider audience." - Founder Chairman of a NADFAS Society


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