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For almost 40 years NADFAS Church Recorders have been producing complete records of the contents of places of worship of all denominations. Over 1680 churches have been recorded and so far more than 1400 have been indexed.

The Church Records Online Index will be of particular value to academics and architects, church personnel and researchers as well as those investigating their family history. Insurance companies and the police also make use of the Index when tracking items that have been misappropriated.

The Index does not contain text or photographs from the Records themselves but acts as a signpost to the contents of UK churches which have been recorded by NADFAS.

After initial consultation of the index further research can be undertaken by studying the relevant paper copy of the Church Record.

It facilitates searches by diocese, church, type of item, or dedication.  The information available includes the names of artists, manufacturers and retailers, the names of donors and of those commemorated as well as subjects of stained glass and wall paintings.  However items of silver, gold or other precious materials are not included.

Comments about the Church Records Index

' have just had a look at your Church Records Online Index - it works very well, and should prove to be an increasingly useful resource'

'a very good idea which will greatly enhance the practical value of NADFAS Records to Diocesan Advisory Committees'

Actual Church Records can be seen at the following places

  • English Heritage Archive*
  • Church Buildings Council Library
  • National Art Library at the Victoria & Albert Museum
  • County record offices (or diocesan archive depository)

* or equivalent organisations in Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and the Isle of Man




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Church Recording

Church Recorders promote recognition and preservation of the rich artistic heritage in places of worship by recording the contents of churches of all religions.

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