Ledgerstone Survey of England and Wales

Over 250,000 incised or indented memorial floor slabs - known by historians as ledgerstones - are housed in churches across Britain. These significant artefacts are in danger of disappearing as they are often covered over, or damaged or destroyed in the re-ordering of churches.

In order to preserve these important parts of history, NADFAS, in partnership with The Churches Conservation Trust and The Church Monuments Society, has developed the Ledgerstone Survey of England and Wales. Survey participants are asked to complete a recording form for each individual ledgerstone in their church, and then to compile a report including these forms.

Who can take part in the Ledgerstone Survey
No particular expertise is required to take part of the Ledgerstone Survey and we welcome participation from voluntary groups and other interested parties.

How to take part in the Ledgerstone Survey
For more information on the Ledgerstone Survey, full details on how to take part, and downloadable forms and resources, go to the Ledgerstone Survey of England and Wales website.


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Study Day organised by the LSEW at Little St Mary’s,Trumpington Street,Cambridge CB2 1QG       on 6 September 2014; Cost £40 includes refreshments, lunch, Ledgerstone Recording Manual & Recording Sheet.

The ledgerstone has all too often been neglected as an art form. Used and abused, they have frequently been carpeted over and dismissed as unimportant features of a parish church. However, the genealogical information that they provide, together with their variety of letter-cutting and heraldry, brought about the Ledgerstone Survey of England& Walesto record them and to promote their importance as the preferred form of marker for middle class intramural burial from the 17th to the mid-19th century. English Heritage, NADFAS, the Churches Conservation Trust and the Church Monuments Society will be presenting their views on the ledgerstone, the latest area of funerary art to become the subject of recording. Click on the link above, or the to the right to download the booking form.