Monmouthshire DFAS Volunteers at Sessions House, Usk

Monmouthshire DFAS Heritage Volunteers are undertaking the cleaning and minor refurbishment of 3,000 law books contained in the Mather-Jackson Library in The Sessions House, Usk. The whole group had initial training from Caroline Bendix, who is ICON accredited.

In 2000, Usk Town Council purchased Sessions House for use as the Town Hall. This building, designed by Thomas S Wyatt, was opened in 1877 and remained in use for the administration of justice until 1995. One of the two mirror image court rooms remains extant, virtually unchanged since 1877; the other was destroyed by fire in 1944. The Chairman of the Trustees is Dr Susan Sloman. Her great, great grandfather was Sir Henry Mather-Jackson, 2nd Baronet (1831-1881) and it is his collection of legal books which form the basis of this library.

Images: Sessions House, Reception for Monmouthshire DFAS Heritage Volunteers and the Heritage Volunteers at work